Lesson Ideas

The content in the links listed below vary greatly. Some are quick blog posts of a super-success strategy I tried with my students, some are mini-lessons, and others are full lesson plans that I either created myself or modified from another source to make work for my style of teaching. 

They are in no particular order (at this time #goals) so you can click control/command + F to find a topic that is relevant to your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a satire unit, just search for satire.

Wherever possible, I've created resources with Google Docs so you can make a copy and customize them for your needs. Simply go to FILE>MAKE A COPY and create your own copy (must be signed into your Google Account). Some links to resources may say "Make a Copy" when you click on the link. Do this! It will make a copy for you (again, you must be signed into your Google account).