Online Reading Quizzes

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 9:14:52 PM

1. Online Reading Quizzes are Awesome!


I recently used my district’s system, Haiku, to administer reading quizzes for Siddhartha. I have to say- this was the most convenient strategy I’ve tried thus far! There were TWO big benefits:

1. I didn’t spend precious time in class administering them, grading them, or giving make-up quizzes for absences. I simply opened the quiz online and allowed 2 days to complete.

2. I was able to ask more obscure questions that I wanted to use as jump-starters for class discussion because I was allowing them to use their books and the time was unlimited (most systems will allow you to determine a specific time, or not).

My rules were open-book but not open-friend. I specifically told the students that I did not want to find out a Facebook page had been created for my class quizzes and tests. They were told if they were somehow caught cheating I would prosecute to the full extent of the school’s policy.

Will there be students who cheat? Yes. Am I going to worry about that right now? No. When I do have to worry about it, I’ll let you know how it goes.