Book Review: The Digital Writing Workshop by Troy Hicks

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 10:05:23 PM

18. Planning to Teach Cloud Technology? A Must Read…


…The Digital Writing Workshop by Troy Hicks

Teachers wondering how to teach cloud technology can finally smile. Troy Hicks gives teachers background, steps, and strategies to incorporate digital writing into any class.

Hicks begins by suggesting that we allow students choice in what they read and research by introducing them to RSS feeds, social bookmarks, and blogs.

Throughout the rest of the book, Hicks teaches teachers how to move writing from paper to the computer. Even better, Hicks gives specific ways to not just transfer the same assignments we’ve always taught but to adapt the assignments to maximize their digital potential. He presents 21st century peer revision techniques, teacher conferences, constructive feedback and criticism, and available software. Not only does Hicks give strategies, but he also gives suggestions for sites, rubrics, and steps to publish works.

Some of the best ideas Hicks gives are how to extend the basic essay into multi-media compositions. He walks teachers through photo software and electronic voicecasting (podcasts) and demonstrates techniques that can be used to pair them with writing.

If you are new or uncomfortable with the kind of technology that can push your classroom into the 21st century, you must read this book.