Moved to a New Site but Same Content and Attempt at Decor

Post date: Jan 22, 2013 11:10:56 PM

Same Content, New Look...

I was not successful. I admit it. I've spent over one year using a host for my website that I did not understand and did not have the time to get to know. As much as I loved the look, feel, and fun gadgets that I did know, when my site was marked as "Possibly Compromised" by Google's search engine, I gave up. I tried, very unsuccessfully to research and contact people but it just didn't happen. Now, I've moved to a new site. Will my "Compromised" status change? Probably not right away- I need to wait for the crawler. My thought is this, I know Google Sites like the back of my hand and I am very doubtful they'd mark one of their own sites as compromised, right?