Little Known YouTube Secrets

Post date: Feb 1, 2013 5:05:51 AM

I recently had the opportunity to become a Google Certified Teacher by going to the Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View, CA in December. GO GTAMTV! We had some great classes, sessions, and conversations. One of the classes I attended was YouTube 3.0 by Jim Sill (he knows everything!). I realized there was a lot I didn't know about YouTube and I am going to share two awesome aspects of YouTube you might not have known about. Did you know about it? It's totally awesome. You can combine videos and add audio/music files with your existing videos or (and this is great) do a very easy Creative Commons (CC) search to bring videos in to collage. You can also add text and enhance video. You cannot currently cut video but I am sure it's coming! A click of the button will publish your creation to your YouTube account. My students really like this feature and the most untechnological students can easily maneuver it. Did you get to know PowToons Beta version only to get irritated at how much they charged once they came out of beta? YouTube/Create has a bunch of sites just like PowToons that will let you animate your photos/video/audio content to create a killer end-product. Check it out!

Our students fancy themselves as "YouTube" experts. It's fun to watch them look at you with a new respect when you show them something that they didn't know about.