I'll See You at #CUE13

Post date: Mar 12, 2013 8:21:46 PM

Cue is going to be an exciting event for me this year. I've made a lot of friends through Twitter, Google Teacher Academy, OCCUE, MIE Trainers, and beyond. This year I won't be a loner who goes back to her hotel room and has a TV dinner- this year I will get to interact with the amazing PLN I've been fortunate to create over that last year. I am so excited that these people like me and I like them- what a great relationship! Not only will I get to see all my different circles of "peeps" and introduce them to each other but I will also be presenting two sessions and be receiving CUE's prestigious LeRoy Finkel Fellowship.

Session 1: Flipping the Secondary English Class

Thursday 2-3pm in the Madera Room

This class will discuss what "flipped" is and how the concept pairs with the English curriculum. Methods, hosting sites, video software, and suggested educators to follow will also be addressed.

Session 2: Teaching Digital Literacy with Blogs

Friday 10-11am in the San Jacinto Room

This class will demonstrate how student blogs are ideal for teaching digital literacy. Blogs teach students how to use the internet to research, collate research, create, revise, and publish works.

LeRoy Finkel Fellowship

I will receive the Leroy Finkel fellowship from CUE to (1) Spend a year taking advantage of every educational opportunity I can find to learn how to teach 21st Century Skills to my students and (2) provide equipment in my classroom for my students to work on some incredible 20% Projects. I don't think I have to tell you how absolutely wonderful this opportunity is. Check out CUE's website to get more information about the Leroy Finkel Fellowship.

I hope to see you in Palm Springs this week!!