7 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Online, Searchable Library Using the Books You Already Own

Post date: Jul 15, 2013 9:47:27 PM

Google Books Part II

We know Google Books exists (and if you didn’t, now you do). In my last post I described how to search for key terms within the 30 million books (so far) Google has scanned into its library. How about being able to search for key terms within your own library of books- the hard-back, paper versions on your bookshelves???

How to get to MY LIBRARY Option

YES! Here are the steps:

1. Go to Google Books.

2. Click “MY LIBRARY” located at the bottom of the Google Books homepage. (Picture 1)

      1. 3. Click “New Shelf”
      2. 4. Title it, describe it, and note: This shelf is defaulted at PUBLIC. Switch the privacy setting if you do not want it to be public.
      1. 5. Click the gear shift in the upper right-hand of the page.
      2. 6. Add each of your existing books by ISBN. * Suggestion: Have a student aide do it for you
      1. 7. Now, search for terms in that shelf and have a world of electronic texts in your computer with their hard back versions in the shelf next to you. Never flip through one of your books looking for “that quote” again.