Project-Based Approach to Teaching Satire

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 9:41:24 PM

11. Project-Based Approach to Teaching Satire


Essential Question (EQ): What is satire?  Where is satire in today’s world?  Why do we use satire today?

Objective: Students will understand the different types of satire and be able to identify them in different types of media.  Students will evaluate the effectiveness of satire in modern media and whether satire was the best method to make the point.

Steps For Groups of Six:

* Steps 1-3 are used as enrichment activities during downtime in whatever preceding unit we are finishing.


Pre-test: Informal assessment at the beginning of the unit in Google Forms asking what they already know about satire.

During Reading: After the satire Wikipedia article, another Google Form quiz asking about the difference between Juvenalian and Horatian satire.

Formative Assessments: Regular bell-ringers asking what each type of satire is or what type of satire should be applied to a small piece of literature.

Project Assessments: Did they fully understand the concepts?  Did their responses to the Wiki-Satire Projects demonstrate understanding?

Links to Rubrics:

Poster Project Rubric

Wiki-Satire Project Rubric

Wiki-Satire Response Rubric