Flipped English Unit: Media Analysis

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 9:51:16 PM

15. Flipped English Unit: Media Analysis


We know we are manipulated by the media and politicians everyday. Our students…not so much. I’ve created a flipped media unit for 11-12 graders that takes approximately 2 weeks. Resources have been brought in from YouTube, magazines, on-line magazines, respected websites and Wikipedia. Students will analyze the bias, audience, rhetorical strategies, history of the media, current media strategies, and criticisms of the media.

Topics in the Unit and Their Essential Questions:

  1. Ownership: Who Owns it and Why Does That Affect Me?
  2. Ethics: At What Point Has a Journalist Gone Too Far?
  3. Pre-Megamedia: Why was the News Created? What Purpose Was it Supposed to Serve?
  4. Megamedia: What Did Competition Do to the News?
  5. Fallacies: How do Politicians and Parents Successfully Manipulate Us?
  6. Information Age:Is TV dead? What Will Happen Now and In the Future?
  7. Criticism of the Media: Who Polices the News Reporters?

Media Unit Plan With Links to All Sources

Evernote Folder with All Online Sources