Book Review: Tony Wagner’s: Creating Innovators

Post date: Jan 21, 2013 10:03:49 PM

17. Book Review: Tony Wagner’s: Creating Innovators


Creating Innovators: Tony Wagner

In Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner discusses his notion that innovation is what is going to save our economy, and not just innovative products- we need innovation in attitudes and ideas too. Parents and schools need to start recognizing how to raise and teach the millennial generation. Wagner’s big question is “How do you educate for innovation?” The question he wants people to start asking is “How can I make things better?”

Through several interactive interviews of innovative twenty-somethings, Wagner paints the picture of the culture these young people grew up in: their parents, schooling, and mentors. He argues that CULTURE is what allows for innovation. Empowerment, allowance for failure, and the opportunity to play were found in all of the young innovators’ backgrounds.

The main idea for teachers in Wagner’s book is that it is not what students know, it’s what they can do with the knowledge and how they use it.

Video: Wagner: 7 Skills Students Need For Their Future