How to Conclude the 20% Project

Well, we don't grade their actual success or failure on the project, right?

So how do we end it? A presentation of course!

My students were told that they would tell us about the successes and failures of their projects in a dynamic, cloud-based presentation to the class. I teach presentation skills using TED videos and we practice using the same rubric all semester (see the lesson plan here). For their final semester exam, they are graded on presentation skills using that same rubric and they are graded on their digital component of the project. The digital component has to to be cloud-based and incorporate elements of 21st Century literacy they've learned so far in class.

How Might You Grade?

  1. First, think about everything digital they've learned throughout your semester.
  2. Next figure out what of those elements you want them to be able to demonstrate they've mastered.
  3. Now create a rubric and give them the freedom to use whatever tools they'd like to meet the requirements on the rubric. This project is all about choice, we can't take that away when it comes to assessing.
  4. Finally, think about time. How much time do you have to let the students present? How much time does this give each presentation?