Utilize Devices in Instruction and Give Yourself the Ability to Teach Beyond

By Kate Petty

It takes only a couple of months for a teacher to realize that having devices in the classroom changes everything.

Every student has a computer in their pockets- they can Google anything and get answers to their questions in seconds. This will never go away. A teacher's role has changed from being the giver of information to the facilitator of information. Our jobs now are not to tell students things, but to show them how to ask questions and find the answers to their questions.

Even more so, our job becomes one of helping students become innovators of their own minds. We teach them how to learn.

So what does this mean? It means that every teacher who invites devices into the classroom becomes a first year teacher all over again. Everything we knew about content, delivery, and especially classroom management must be thrown out the window. It is exciting. It is scary. It is a brave new world to be sure.

This site is designed to give suggestions in a device-oriented classroom to a technically beginning, intermediate, or advanced teacher.